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Felon threatens to ‘beat the whiteness’ out of an officer as he’s arrested with two others with illegal firearms

Left to right: Darian Davis, Terrell Esco, and Andre Pughsley (Chicago Police Department)

Three men in Chicago are facing felony charges after threatening the police on Thursday, with insisting he would “beat the whiteness” out of an officer.

The incident took place around 10 PM in Old Town, when police surveillance cameras saw one of the suspects grabbing uis waistband and making gestures that insinuated intent to use a firearm.

Andre Pughsley, who had made the obscene gestures, was intercepted by law enforcement shortly after alarms were raised, and was pulled over near a crowd of 30 or so people.

The crowd was unruly and repeatedly disrupted the police stop, eventually becoming agitated and turning violent.

One man, Darian Davis, punched an officer but fled the scene.

A second man, Terrell Esco, refused police orders to get back and threatened an officer.

“I’ll beat the whiteness off you, you b*tch ass,” he said before being arrested on the spot.

Several firearms were found in the primary suspect’s vehicle, and prosecutors charged Pughsley with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, possessing a defaced firearm, and resisting police.

Pughsley’s attorney claims the man -who has felony convictions- is expecting a baby, works in the family’s boxing gym, and volunteers at charitable events hosted by mayoral candidate Willie Wilson.

Davis was arrested after turning up at the police station and asking about Pughsley.

According to CWB Chicago, Davis was charged with aggravated battery of a peace officer and has two prior felony convictions.

Davis’ lawyer claims he is studying to become an electrician, works as a sous chef, and works with the “No Kids Die in Chicago” mentorship program.

Four-time-felon Esco’s defense attorney said he has two children and works in a warehouse. He is currently facing aggravated assault charges.

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