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FBI gives update on Las Vegas mass shooting; still short on details and motive


Conspiracy theories still abound after the Las Vegas shooting, as the feds continue to try and figure out why a 64-year-old man of means opened fire on a country music festival earlier this fall.

FBI Agent Aaron Rouse, the agent in charge of the investigation told media on Wednesday that they still don’t know why the shooter -whose name is unnecessary to repeat, given it is a household name- decided a premeditated attack against 22,000 people in October.

“Ours is focusing a large part on the why, OK? Which is what everybody wants to know,” Rouse said.

Law enforcement officials have been fairly murky in revealing details about the gunman’s motives, causing conspiracy theories to fester in lieu of any real information.

That said, Rouse still clings to claims that the shooter acted alone.

“”I believe that there is one person and one person alone to blame for what happened on 1 October, and that is Stephen Paddock,” Rouse said. “We didn’t leave anything uncovered. And again, the casinos, with their support, let us track down a lot of information of who may have had contact with that person. And it was very helpful to us.”

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo claims the shooter -a habitual gambler- had been hemorrhaging money for two years and was showing signs of depression.

According to the Los Angeles Times, authorities continue to attempt to figure out why the shooter did what he did.

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