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Man wearing #1 dad shirt uses daughter as human shield to flee police


Kentucky Sheriff’s deputies are on the hunt for a man and his daughter after they came to -and fled- the Sheriff’s office last Wednesday.

In an incident that was caught on security cameras, suspect Jonathan D. Morrow and his 14-year-old daughter came into the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department seeking an emergency protective order.

According to WYMT, While deputies were looking into the possibility of a protective order, they found that Morrow had an outstanding warrant.

“It was discovered during the investigation of the E.P.O. that he was actually wanted out of Tennessee,” said Deputy Sheriff Byron Fairchild.

When Deputies attempted to confront Morrow (who was ironically wearing a ‘#1 dad’ shirt), he grabbed his daughter and tried to flee.

“Initially, after he started running, he picked his child up and actually tried to use her as a human shield and at that time I did not have a clear shot with it so I had to make sure that she was safe,” said Danny Martin, Deputy Sheriff.

Deputies say they managed to use a Taser on Morrow, though the device had little effect.

“At that time the man pulled the barbs out, got into his vehicle, pushed his kid into the vehicle and fled the scene. He actually struck a State Police cruiser on the way out as well,” said Fairchild.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s office is on the lookout for Morrow, with their primary concern being the safety of his daughter.

“He is not stable, and he’s got his 14 year old daughter with him so we want to end it peacefully,” said Fairchild.

Morrow was last seen driving a mint green Ford vehicle, stands 5’9 and weighs about 230 pounds.

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