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Father of murdered boy sucker punches suspect during court proceeding


An Ohio father didn’t feel satisfied enough that police had caught the person responsible for his son’s death. Instead, he wanted to enact some physical vengeance and sucker-punched the handcuffed suspect after a court proceeding had just wrapped up.

According to the NY Post, Desean Brown is accused of stabbing a woman to death and then throwing a three-year-old boy into the Ohio River, letting the boy drown.

If convicted, Brown could face the death penalty.

Apparently the biological father of the boy Brown threw into the river had enough uncontrolled rage that he began pummeling Brown just before he was to be escorted out of the courtroom.

Deputies began pulling Antonio Hughes off Brown and attempted to handcuff him. Even with him in restraints, Hughes attempted to go after Brown again.

Hughes has been slapped with contempt of court charges and will be jailed for seven days for the attack.

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