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Father has no sympathy for son who threatened NYPD officers’ children before being arrested


A Queens man who was tased by New York’s Finest received no sympathy from his father, who noted that he should have complied with police during his arrest.

24-year old Sean Marcellin reportedly threatened plainclothes officers who pulled him over Thursday afternoon, claiming that he was going to “find out where you live and f–k up your kids.”

“These cops behind me are gonna pull me over because I’m black,” Marcellin told a bystander, who was filming the incident.

“Why the f— are you pulling me over?” Marcellin asked police, ignoring the fact that he was driving on a learner’s permit and had failed to use a turn signal.

“I asked for his license six times,” one of the cops can be heard telling the bystander. “He’s been refusing since then…Keep recording, as he’s threatening 16 cops.”

The incident soon became a physical altercation, complete with cries of “I didn’t do nothing!” Ultimately, Marcellin was tased.

However, According to the New York Post, Marcellin’s father, the incident was surprising and disappointing, but to be expected when you don’t comply with lawful orders.

“He should have just complied with the police. I always talk to him about this,” the 51-year-old dad told NYP. The father also claimed that he had previously instructed his son to “stay calm and just give them what they want.”

Marcellin is expected back in court on February 22.

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