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Fatal OIS where suspect attacked officer with his police baton ruled justified, video released


The District Attorney of Salt Lake County, Utah, has determined that the police shooting of a suspect on September 28 was justified.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill and Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown announced the decision on Wednesday morning, showing body camera, security camera and private citizen footage from the incident, which took place in a gas station parking lot.

The slain suspect was identified as Michael Bruce Peterson, who attacked an employee of a salon while trespassing.

When police arrived at the scene, Officer Greg Lovell attempted to stop and reason with Peterson, who instead tried to get into the officer’s vehicle before walking away.

Peterson was then pursued by Lovell to a nearby Maverik gas station, where he got into a Jeep. The officer had determined by Peterson’s erratic behavior that he was likely under the influence.

However, it turns out the Jeep belonged to a customer, who noticed Peterson getting into his vehicle. When aforementioned customer demanded the suspect dismount from his private vehicle, he found Peterson uncooperative.

Lovell then ordered Peterson out of the car, eventually using less-lethal electric force by way of a Taser. When this backfired (enraging  the suspect), Peterson got out and began assaulting Lovell.

A hand-to-hand struggle ensued, with Peterson gaining control of Lovell’s baton and striking the lawman several times. Just recently arriving to the scene and already fed up with Peterson’s antics, Lieutenant Andrew Oblad attempted to distract Peterson.

Peterson then assumed an offensive stance with the baton, forcing Oblad to open fire. Despite striking peterson several times, the assailant continued his attack.

Firing a second volley -with all 10 shots fired by Oblad hitting their intended target in a stunning display of police accuracy- Peterson finally went down and was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Fox13, it has since been determined that Oblad fired in self-defense and had done so as a last result.

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