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Family wants "justice", police stand by officers' actions in Miami shooting


A man who assaulted police officers with a broomstick was hit twice with tasers that proved ineffective before being fatally shot in Miami Gardens on Sunday.

The Miami Herald reported the victim’s mother, Catherine Daniels, called 911 at 5 a.m. Sunday when she saw her son, 25 year old Lavall Hall, outside with a broom with exposed metal on the end and he turned toward her with it. When police arrived, Daniels said she informed them that her son was bipolar and schizophrenic and took medication.

According to NBC 6 South Florida, Officer Peter Ehrlich, 66, went looking for Hall and found him outside a neighbor’s home on the front lawn with Officer Eddo Trimino, 34, later arriving on the scene. Hall then attacked Ehrlich when the officer tried to get out of his car. That is when a witness and officers verify Hall was shocked with the first taser by Ehrlich, but it had no effect. Hall shortly fled the scene on foot with Tremino giving chase, it was at that time Hall began attacking Tremino.

After hitting Tremino in the head, Tremino fired his taser, but it had no effect. Hall began to run again still being followed by Tremino. Hall turned around and charged toward the officer. Tremino gave Hall several commands before firing his weapon five times, striking Hall twice, in the arm and in the chest. Hall died moments later as the officers handcuffed him.

Hall’s family has been critical of police in the wake of the shooting even though they admitted he was having a schizophrenic episode. Miami Gardens Police Chief Stephen Johnson said police have been responding to Hall’s home since 2012 and he has been Baker Acted.

Johnson also cites that Trimino and Ehrlich are both certified for crisis prevention and “seasoned veterans.” He went on to say the shooting remains under investigation and all evidence would be handed over the State Attorney’s Office.

“Based upon the facts as I have them, I think that the officers did the best that they could, confronted with the circumstances that they were encountered with,” Johnson said.

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