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Fallen officer memorial allowed to be vandalized during protest


Denver police are upset after they were told not to interfere with protesters who vandalized a memorial for fallen police officers during a march against police brutality.

Denver Police Union President Nick Rogers says protesters went too far and officers should have been allowed to intervene when protesters threw red paint on the memorial located outside of the department’s headquarters on Saturday.

According to KCNC-TV, police Cmdr. Matt Murray told officers it is department policy not to engage protesters.

Two men were arrested and are facing charges of criminal mischief. They were not identified.

Some protesters held signs in support of Jessica Hernandez, a teenager who was shot and killed by Denver police last month while she was driving a stolen car that ended up striking an officer.

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  1. We have to protect the makeshift memorials of the criminals but have to stand by and watch this criminal behavior.

  2. “Cmdr. Matt Murray told officers it is department policy not to engage protesters.”

    It may not be their “policy,” but it is their damn job.

  3. Let me say one thing first and foremost : I LOVE MY COUNTRY, but am ashamed of the way that criminals are continually ” allowed” to break the law under the cover a “protester”. Wrong is wrong. Plain and simple as long as they continue to be allowed to behave like animals , they will ACT like animals.

  4. This is the most offensive thing that a group of idiots could do. If I were the Chief I would get all the names of people involved, that oblivious have no respect for the police officers that serve and protect them, and when they call for help, put them on the bottom of the call list.

  5. I love how these “protestors” get behind GREAT cases. I do not know ALL the particulars but I find the common denominator in all these cases are to not break the law. She was driving a stolen car. Don’t be a criminal.

    I hope volunteers show up to that memorial and clean it immediately.

  6. It’s time for us to get out there and beat the ever livin’ crap outta these people!! I’ll engage the F’rs!!

  7. This is a disgrace! Commander Murray should hang his head in shame. He had the police stand by while thugs deface a police memorial.They should have gotten a symphony of batons and been arrested.

  8. The Memorial was not “allowed to be vandalized”. The police were told to not escalate any situation during the protests.
    The vandals were arrested, charged and booked. AND they are identified.
    The stone was easily cleaned, and there was no permanent damage to the memorial.
    Great way to “report” false accounts and biased info! dspecially when there is no credible author of this small article…

  9. This is a flagrant violation of vandalism to the highest degree, along with defacing public property. I hope the Judge pours red paint on their heads and make them clean it up.