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Fallen CPD officer’s home robbed, ransacked even after 9-1-1 called


A Chicago Police officer’s home was ransacked following reports of his demise.

Titus Moore, who succumbed to complications related to COVID, has been deceased for over a year, but his property remained effectively untouched until recently.

The home, which has been left “as-is” and maintained by the family while they await the completion of the probate process, became the site of a robbery in the past few weeks.

“It could have been preventable,” said Moore’s father, who also happens to be a retired Chicago police officer who guarded two Chicago mayors.

The “preventable” nature of the robbery, it is said, is due to the fact that neighbors saw several men breaking into the home and dialed 9-1-1.

However, the police claimed their hands were tied as the burglars cut holes in walls, searched for valuables and stole televisions, police equipment and uniforms.

The robbers claimed that they were sent on behalf of a mortgage company to winterize and secure the home, despite the fact that the family informed the police that the home was not being foreclosed on.

“[The officers] said there’s nothing they could do, it’s civil,” Moore’s cousin Angelica Green said. “They told the guys to stop for tonight and probably come back tomorrow.”

According to WGN9, the family is disgusted by the response.

“They didn’t just break into my house,” Theopsy Moore said. “They came in my house with the permission of police.”

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