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Fact Check: Was a retired police officer gunned down during a robbery?

Screenshot from the video below

A video circulating on Twitter shows an armed robbery that left two men dead— but not everything is what it seems.

The footage, which shows a former military policeman and a clerk being mercilessly gunned down during a convenience store robbery, was initially circulated on X/Twitter by a British social media account.

“America,” user Britgirl posted. “White man murdered by Blacks in a robbery.”

While technically true, further investigation into the incident revealed that the homicidal robbery took place in the South American country of Brazil, rather than the United States of America, which is simply referred to as “America” abroad.

For added context, retired Brazilian gendarmerie officer Paulo Eduardo was killed in a minimarket on November 20th in Tatuape. The crime occurred 10 minutes after 9:00 p.m. local time when one of the suspects aiding the first armed suspect allegedly took the retiree’s concealed carry pistol as the robbery unfolded.

Using the pistol against its owner, the suspect then shot the clerk before running off with a few of Eduardo’s personal effects.

According to local source Metropoles, two of the suspects were arrested, while the third managed to escape. The victim’s gun was recovered and logged for evidence.

Fifty-seven years of age at the time of his death, Paulo Eduardo Ramalho retired from the position of deputy lieutenant of the PM [military police, Brazil’s paramilitary law enforcement agency] in 2015.

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