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EXCLUSIVE: Movement on Facebook calls for Richmond reporter to resign after anti-cop comment



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By LEO Affairs Staff

Diane Walker, a reporter at NBC 12 in Richmond, Virginia, posted a picture and short summary about a “wonderful police officer” that was caught playing catch with some neighborhood children.

But the creators of the Facebook page calling for Walker’s resignation said: “Leave it to Diane Walker to inject a little bit of her hatred for police officers by bringing up Ferguson. I won’t quote her, I’ll just let you read her own hateful words that in NO WAY can be justified.”

This is the comment they were referring to: “Police officers have it rough and in some cases it’s deserving as we’ve seen in Ferguson, New York, South Carolina.” Pitching her “heartwarming” story which was running on a later newscast, Walker continued: “The kids’ mom feared the worst when that officer first got out of his cruiser and was headed towards them.”

Walker later deleted the post after things got “nasty and hateful” and wrote an apology that isn’t going over very well on social media. She wrote: “My comments got ‘twisted’ into something that I did not intend… for those of you who misunderstood my intentions I sincerely apologize…cops do a great job under extraordinarily difficult circumstances, I salute them!… let’s start a new conversation.”

But in response to what was being called “apology” part 2 on the newly created page, the author wrote “Lookie here. Apparently, us common folks got things “twisted”. Hmmmmmm.”  In another quasi-apology, Walker seemingly took another jab at law enforcement, adding that “not all cops should be cops,” further fueling the movement to have her removed.


Facebook user Carolynn Montgomery stated eloquently, in response to Diane’s original post: “No profession deserves to be disrespected as the media is perpetuating towards the Police. Ferguson was not the fault of the police it was the result of a thug who has been turned into some type of “hero.” Baltimore was the fault of an incompetent Mayor. I believe there are a few bad cops….but for the most part they do work not many people would do.”

Today, the station and news management of WWBT/NBC12 addressed the Facebook post Diane Walker made yesterday regarding law enforcement officers:

“We want to make it clear the comment and post are not representative of WWBT and how we feel about any law enforcement officers or agencies. WWBT fully respects the important work law enforcement officers do every day. We admit the post was poorly written and insensitive. We also would like to acknowledge the comment is not reflective of Diane Walker’s work with law enforcement over 30+ years in helping keep the citizens of Central Virginia safe.”

The station’s post ended with this statement: “We strongly apologize for yesterday’s post and sincerely regret that it offended a number of our loyal viewers and constituents.”

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  1. Yeah, and not all reporters apparently should be reporters. No spewed hate except for this woman. She clearly just doesn’t like the consequences of her actions

    • She told the truth not all police should be that because they all don’t have every citizen best intention , white people are more so offended because they feel as if we should keep our mouth shut and deal with the injustice but anyone with an education knows her comment was true and justified. Aside from that she is an excellent reporter and that can’t be debated

  2. First off the way you started the story was so very wrong,, Police have it rough , in some cases they deserve it,, Really . You should of said Police Officer stops where kids were playing catch, Officers gets out of car and the next thing you see is Officer playing catch. I see where you were going but you had to get that little dig in at the beginning Shameful you showed how you truly feel. Just like yes some Police should not be working that job like Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, and Reporters. As for your apology lots of us see it how it really is. You say hate monger I say people upset because you started a great story with your ( Bias) unfairness towards the Police.

    • (Police have it rough in some cases well deserved.)

      That seems true.
      Police also have a PR problem and are bringing it on themselves.
      In this case, ostensibly the officer realizing there is a PR problem took a small positive step, good-cop recreational interaction with the kids. This is a good thing a positive cop story. I give the unnamed officer one big fat ‘attaboy!.

      Walker told the truth and presented both views. I give Ms. Walker one big fat ‘attaboy(girl)!

      Sounds like a good reporter to me.

      The Police doth protest too much.


  3. I personally feel that the media has gotten away from reporting the facts of any story. Somehow they now feel the need to interject their opinions and feelings on the issues. As citizens we only want and deserve ONlY unbiased facts. That would be true reporting. I honestly rarely watch the news because all you hear are lies and manipulation a of the truth and frankly I’m tired of it. I read for factual content as I find it and that’s it. Sad but true! So Diane you need to share your personal feelings with your friends off the air. Your audience obviously doesn’t wanna hear them. In your line of work you should know by now, professionalism is the name of the game and at this moment it appears you have lost yours.

  4. Of ALL the things to worry about…just because you see an influential African American woman write one sentence about a bad situation of COURSE lets overlook ALL the good things she said about him/the pic…My God, the nerve of her to have AND share her opinion, Lol yes! She SHOULD be forced to resign or fired or better yet.. 10 lashes should cure her sassy mouth…Smh I pray EVERYDAY for our country, because these ^^^ are the people walking amongst us…#GoodJobDiane

      • Why are white people so upset when some tell the truth about these dirty cops do your damn job, don’t miss treat people some of these police have the worst attitude in the world that is your job do it shut if you don’t like it get your lazy ass off the force

    • People, this sounded as if it was a strongly POSITIVE story about local leos- you should have taken the opportunity to thank her and say “yes, this is how we mostly are” but instead, the blue wall came up ! She pointed out why persons of color are apprehensive when approached by an leo, it is a necessary point of the story, and factual whether you like it or not. I would have enjoyed seeing the original story, however at this point because the station did not support their reporter, I am not able to do so. Shame on you for your blindness, and shame on them for their lack of integrity. -From a supporter of Leos who do it right, but a parent who has had to give her sons “the talk.”

  5. Of all the whiny, childish, disingenuous temper tantrums I’ve seen this year, this one ranks near the top. Look, we need to address the problem of unchecked abuses by police officers. It doesn’t make someone anti-police to acknowledge there is a problem. And that’s all Diane Walker did. Now, you can grow up and be part of the solution or go suck your thumb.

  6. Her statement “Police officers have it rough and in some cases it’s deserving as we’ve seen in Ferguson, New York, South Carolina.” was actually a great start to promoting a police officer(s) good deed. It was a respectful way of promoting goodness and saying “but never forget” within two sentences… 1 Let’s stop pretending that African men where not slained in the above- mentioned areas 2 Please consider, she is of African descent 3 She didn’t even use the race card… I’m sure her feelings are hurt to know people actually don’t appreciate her promoting good police activity in general. She is an excellent “Broadcast Professional” and always will be. PS: The networks response deserves praise for recognizing her statements and saying that “it was poorly written”, fully knowing otherwise. F

  7. Oh shut up already! This is not news nor is it a reason to lose her job. She said some cops not all people always want to defend something that’s not even an issue.

  8. Geez we get offended by anything and everything. I don’t see anything wrong with what she said… People are so pussified these days smh

  9. She’s a journalist that spoke her opinion. And even though her comments were obviously misinterpreted, what you thought she said is not far off from the majority opinion of black Richmonders.

    If you thought that was offensive, wait till you read Curt Autry’s Facebook page

  10. She is not wrong in what she said. Yes she is somewhat of a public figure but that’s her personal page. Some cops should not be cops. Ferguson is a prime example. These past few years have been tragic for cops because they are under so much pressure to do the right thing, however that’s what you are paid and trained to do. Sorry that a profession loses respect because of a few bad apples but that’s a persons opinion. Last time I checked we are entitled to those. #welcometoamericawhereyourefreetoacertainextent #homeofthebrave? #morelikethehomeofthefblawyersandjudges

  11. It’s a shame that cops are so thin-skinned that they get offended by anyone even acknowledging that some of them are problematic and should find another line of work. Yes, police have to be accountable for poor behavior. They are judge, jury, and executioner in far too many cases, and citizens are right to be concerned that they are using their authority properly. Stop this wrongheaded crusade against Sabrina Squire, and be more concerned about appropriately serving your communities.

  12. People get mad at the truth some officers don’t deserve to be officers anyone upset about it obviously doesn’t know what’s going on across the country with all these police brutality cases

  13. Can I ask some of you LEOs: are you completely unaware that we outnumber you over a million to one?

    She’s going to get her job back. And she’s going to sue you and others for libel, because that’s what you’ve done here: you have made direct accusations backed up by not one shred of evidence.

    And at the end of the day, you represent a minority of police officers. Surely you must realize how very precarious your position is? Maybe you ought to start realizing this.

  14. And let me stress one more time:

    Folks, these reactionary ‘LEOs’ represent a small minority of LEOs. It is time to remind them of this, constantly. If the reactionaries don’t leave the force, they’ll be forced to. The right-wing cannot protect their own, not anymore.

    And here’s more proof that this website doesn’t represent anywhere near even a plurality of LEOs:


  15. In every profession I have worked in, there has been a bad element. Refusing to acknowledge this simply makes you look like a liar. Acknowledge the very real issues with police in some some areas, and people will respect the good ones even more.

  16. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with what she said. It amazes me how racists hicks who love to recall bogus crime stats can say what everyone else deserves as long as they don’t look like them but no one else is entitled to an opinion that is seeped in fact. Morons.


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