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Effective, simple, and affordable rust prevention solutions for firearms and ammunition



Still using oil on your firearms and weapons? Did you know that oil can eventually dry up, gum and turn into a varnish over time? It can even wind up causing damage to your wood stock as well as your ammunition.

Zerust® Consumer Products make protecting your guns, firearms and ammunition simple with easy-to-use rust prevention and gun storage solutions. Our rust prevention products protect any ferrous metals, including iron, steel and cast iron from rust and corrosion. Firearm users, collectors and enthusiasts can choose from a variety of products including Multipurpose VCI Poly Bags, Tube and Barrel Strips, Vapor Capsules and VCI Weapon Protection Bags.

All Zerust products protect against rust and corrosion by creating an invisible barrier of corrosion-blocking molecules around your valuable metal items. By releasing an invisible, non-toxic, non-reactive and odorless corrosion-inhibiting vapor, Zerust products protect a wide range of metal items, including aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, steel and silver.

Zerust also offers rust protection for electronics, tools, parts, ATVs, automobiles, bikes, boats, motorcycles, in addition to tool and tackle box rust control and a variety of anti-tarnish products.

For a limited time only, Zerust is offering 20 percent off all gun-related products with code LEO20 at checkout.

For more information, visit zerustproducts.com and like them on Facebook: facebook.com/Zerust-Consumer-Products to receive the latest news and updates.

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