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EASY MONEY: Video shows traffic stop that led to $1.3 million settlement


CHARLESTON, S.C. — A jury in Charleston on Wednesday found that the South Carolina state trooper who stopped Catherine Newkirk on I-95 on October 14, 2012 for speeding violated her and her husband’s civil rights, the Charleston Post and Courier reported Thursday.

The traffic stop, which was captured in a dashcam video, occurred in Florence County. Trooper James Enzor, who was later fired by the SC Highway Patrol, alleged that Newkirk was driving 77 mph in a 55 mph construction zone. She insisted that she was not speeding when she was stopped.

During the traffic stop, Newkirk accused the trooper of racial profiling. Both she and her husband, who are black, were handcuffed and jailed for more than 24 hours. She and her husband accused both Enzor, who is white, and the South Carolina Department of Public Safety with using excessive force and wrongful arrest. The SCDPS settled with the Newkirks last week for $100,000, the P&C reported.

A federal jury heard the case in a three day trial and Wednesday evening awarded Jerome Newkirk $325,000 and $1 million to his wife.

Columbia attorney Dick Harpootlian was one of the Newkirk’s attorneys. He told the P&C that the verdict was significant because no one was shot, beaten or killed.

“It’s not about the money,” he told the newspaper. “It’s about holding people accountable.”


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  1. As much as she protested, not wanting to get out of traffic way… resisting her arrest.. Maybe if she hadn’t protested and resisted so much it wouldn’t have come to this… Why do people fight, even if the are right, once they go to court, and PROVE they are right… there would be so much less protesting about blacks being arrested for no reason… IF they are proved innocent… let it go. The cop was just doing his job!

    • Ha ha ha….. Really? You think that how it works. I know your white because a person of any other race would not make that comment. IF you allow the police to say you did whatever and not voice your disagreement, when you get to court that all the judge see’s. They don’t let you talk. They don’t let you dispute ANYTHING the cop said. I see you have no clue that judges are just as bias as cops!!!!

  2. She did resist arrest and was being defiant to the officer. She also risked herself and the officer being hit with traffic in the roadway. Who knows if she was speeding before the incident? They should have received nothing due to her own actions.


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