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Dunkin' Donuts apologizing for two incidents where police officers were harassed by employees


Dunkin’ Donuts is in damage control mode following two incidents involving police officers and ‘DD’ employees.  As first reported by Go Local Prov, a Facebook post by a fellow officer described one of the incidents.

On Friday night, a Providence police officer noted an employee was being rude and appeared not to want to serve the officer while in uniform.  After leaving, the officer noticed that the employee had written #blacklivesmatter on his cup, instantly causing the officer to question the contents inside the cup. Following the incident, The Providence FOP Lodge #3 released the following statement:

“On October 2nd, 2015 at approximately 3 pm, a member of the Providence Police Department walked into the Dunkin Donuts located at Atwells Ave and Bradford Street in the city of Providence. This officer was getting a cup of coffee to start his shift. The officer was in a Providence Police uniform representing the Police Department and Providence Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3. The officer ordered his coffee and found the worker to be somewhat rude and appeared as though they did not want to serve the officer. Upon leaving the establishment, the officer noticed a message written in black mraker on the cup, #Blacklivesmatter.


Providence FOP #3 finds this action to be unacceptable and discouraging. Members of this Union, who represent active and retired Providence Police officers adamantly, believe that ‘all lives matter’. Our officers, like all other Law enforcement agencies work tirelessly to protect and serve all members of the communities. The negativity displayed by the #Blacklivesmatter organization towards Police across this nation is creating a hostile environment that is not resolving any problems or issues, but making it worse for our communities. They are doing this by increasing tensions amongst police and the people they serve.


We, as a union representing Providence Police officers are concerned about the welfare and safety of all members of Law enforcement. This behavior by an employee of a nationwide corporation is unacceptable. We are also concerned by the action of this employee who created a perceived safety issue to our officers. We bring this incident to the attention of other law enforcement officers across this city, state, and country, to remind them to stay vigilant in your efforts to protect and serve. We also thank those members of the community who continue to support law enforcement officers, and work with law enforcement officers to create a safer community for everyone because ALL LIVES MATTER.


Respectfully submitted:


Providence FOP Lodge #3 Executive Board”


This Dunkin’ Donuts incident comes at the same time as another is being reported out of Connecticut, where an officer was told “we don’t serve cops here.”  The incident happened at a ‘DD’ in West Hartford, which has some in the community outraged.

The “poor judgment” of that worker has an entire community demanding answers over the treatment of one of its beloved law enforcement officers.

According to local reports the officer was waiting at the back of the line Saturday morning, when he heard someone from behind the counter say: “He didn’t get the message we don’t serve cops here.”

The cop walked out immediately without saying anything.

When the manager grabbed the worker quickly to chase down the officer and apologize – it was a little too late. He refused the offer of a free cup of coffee and stated he’d go elsewhere.

Whether it was just an explanation to save face or a sincere reason for the very immediate follow-up apology, the employee claimed that “workers like to tease customers” there. Apparently it’s a very close-knit community – but one that also has zero-tolerance for the mistreatment of police officers.

If it really was meant to be a joke, no one was laughing this time.

In fact residents are so angry, there have been calls for that location to be boycotted and for the employee to be fired, according to NBC Connecticut.

The officer did have one final request… He told the employee to apologize to the customers who appeared offended, so the employee went back inside with him, and did just that.

Many are surprised by the insult directed at the officer since “generally the community is very supportive of them,” said the franchise owner.

The store manager apologized for her employee’s behavior and notified the regional manager, telling the officer she would “handle the situation.”

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