Home News DUI suspect dragged dead pedestrian and his severed leg for a mile

DUI suspect dragged dead pedestrian and his severed leg for a mile


Stacy Sanchez

A California woman allegedly killed a homeless pedestrian while driving under the influence, driving a mile with his body stuck in her windshield, then walked into her house with the victim still in the vehicle.

According to The Daily Mail, 29-year-old Stacy Sanchez was arrested in the town of Oceanside Monday morning and is facing a slew of drunk driving charges with a bail set at $130,000.

Police say Sanchez slammed into the pedestrian as she drove over the sidewalk following a long night of drinking. The sheer force sent the man through the windshield to the point that his head hit the passenger seat and his leg severed, lodging in the back window.

Witnesses said that Sanchez got out of her car screaming as she arrived back at her home, the body still in the windshield. Teenager Edgar Esparaza says he saw the body still in the windshield and asked Sanchez what had happened. Sanchez told him everything was fine and entered her home. Her clothes suggested she had spent the night out.

Paramedics pronounced the man dead on-scene, and police investigators covered his the car -his body still attached to the vehicle- with a tarp.

He is believed to have been walking to a soup kitchen when he was killed, though locals in the area could not identify him by name.

Sanchez said she was drinking in several bars the night she hit the man.

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  1. Personally I think this idiot should have the book thrown at her and be charged at least with vehicular manslaughter


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