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Drunk LA deputy disarmed by residents was in town for Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony


Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Earlier this week, hundreds of officers from all over California traveled to the capital city to pay their respects to their fallen comrades. The 40th Annual California Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony took place on Monday in Sacramento.

One of the officers in attendance — an LA County Sheriff’s deputy — now has some explaining to do when he returns to work.

The deputy allegedly had too much to drink, climbed into a stranger’s parked car on R Street and ended up in a fight with the owner, who was in the area making a delivery at a local restaurant.

According to police, the car’s owner saw that the deputy was armed. He and others nearby helped pull the officer from the car and disarmed him.

“They removed him from the vehicle forcefully and took his weapon from him,” said Sacramento PD spokesman Matt McPhail.

The officer, whose name is not being released, left the area but was detained a short time later.

There were no field sobriety tests administered, according to police, and while the conduct is not something officials said they would like to see and “not in line with the standards that we have set for ourselves” it doesn’t appear that any crime was committed – otherwise he would’ve been arrested, they said.

McPhail added: “it is not uncommon for people stopped on suspicion of public intoxication to be handed over to acquaintances or family.”

The deputy and his weapon were turned over to one of his supervisors in town for the memorial ceremony. The LA Sheriff’s office was notified of the incident, but have not yet received a police report, the Sacramento Bee reported.

It’s unclear if the deputy has already returned to the LA area.

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