Home News Drunk firefighter threatens, tries to bite state trooper following hit-and-run in Florida

Drunk firefighter threatens, tries to bite state trooper following hit-and-run in Florida


A Florida firefighter is accused of being combative and attempting to bite a Florida Highway Patrolman who was arresting him for a hit-and-run charge.

Brevard County firefighter Justin Serrecchia made an ill name for himself after he hit a red Lexus in Orlando around 8PM Wednesday night. While Serrecchia stopped to check on the other driver, he refused to give the victim his insurance information.

The victim told police that Serrecchia reeked of alcohol, had no shoes on, spit gum at him and was having mood swings. He reportedly told the victim he was a soldier and firefighter.

Deputies who arrived on the scene before FHP told the drivers they could leave after exchanging insurance information, but the firefighter decided to leave early. Deputies reportedly did not take any action when the victim reported that Serrecchia was drunk.

Asleep when FHP arrived to talk to him, Serrecchia was awakened by his girlfriend. Shortly after waking up, he began using profanity when speaking to the state lawman.

“Why are you talking to her?” he asked his fiancée, urging her not to speak with the (presumed female) state trooper.  “She’s just some girl. She’s useless.”

“Call a man here,” he said. “Someone who can harass and protect.”

The firefighter then resisted the troopers when they tried to cuff him and place him in the car, attempting to bite them.

“Stop resisting,” one of the troopers said in the recorded footage.  “Try biting me again and I will knock your teeth out!”

Serrechia angrily responded: “I’m a fireman, dude. You’re nothing.”

The firefighter reportedly was hostile and uncooperative all the way to the Orange County Jail, screaming at troopers and threatening them.

“You understand you’re (expletive) ruining my life? Do you understand that?” he asked the trooper.  “You don’t care. You don’t care. But you know what?  You have Facebook, right? I will find you, and I will (expletive) ruin your life.”

According to ClickOrlando, the Brevard County Emergency Management Office said that Serrecchia is still employed with the agency pending outcome of charges and has been with the county for eight years.

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