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Dramatic body cam footage shows officer being revived with Narcan after drug arrest


An Ohio police officer was administered Narcan in Columbus after coming into contact with Fentanyl or a similar substance- and the heart-pumping moment was caught on body camera.

The Columbus PD officer reportedly touched a substance, which was likely laced with Fentanyl and caused him to suffer ill-effects as he writhed inside of his patrol SUV.

The footage was captured from the chest-mounted camera of another officer, who began questioning a cuffed-and-seated female subject in regards to the substance’s makeup.

“What is that?” the officer demanded. “What is that that you have!?”

The woman hysterically asserted that she didn’t have anything, prompting the officer to clarify that he was speaking of the substance found in the car.

“She called it ‘icer,’” the woman said. “I swear to God that’s what she called it.”

“That’s the generic name,” he retorted. “What is it, meth?!”

“Meth and ice,” she responded, seemingly more concerned about going to jail than potentially being involved in the death of an officer.

The officer and another comrade then broke out the Narcan, fumbling with the directions for a while before realizing time was of the essence.

Administering the medication, the reaction was almost immediate as the white-shirted officer slumped over, prompting officers to pull him from the vehicle.

Putting a hi-viz vest under his head, the officers monitored their friend, reassuring him that help is on the way.

The video was obtained by local news station 10TV and published for viewing on Thursday.

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