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Dozens arrested after Antifa storms Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’

Source: Twitter

The construction site of Atlanta’s future Public Safety Training Facility came under siege over the weekend by “Forest Defenders” affiliated with the far-left extremist collective known as Antifa- and the ensuing battle has resulted in at least 23 charges of domestic terrorism.

The site -and the officers guarding it- were attacked with a variety of weapons, including incendiary devices launched from an improvised mortar setup akin to those used for professional fireworks displays.

Antifa’s affiliated reporting service, Unicorn Riot, kept a detailed coverage of events as they unfolded.

“Forest defenders have taken over the police surveillance outpost on the power line clearing near Intrenchment Creek. Police retreated after a crowd arrived at the barbed wire fence and shot fireworks into the area,” one tweet read.

Journalist and extremism expert Andy Ngo reported on the matter as well, covering the arrests and releasing mugshots of those in Atlanta Police/ DeKalb County custody.

“Atlanta Police have released photos of the 23 suspects charged with domestic terrorism over the far-left ambush on police on March 5 in an attack connected to an #Antifa affinity group,” Ngo wrote in a Twitter post. “Almost all of them are from out of state, with two coming from France and Canada.”

Footage from yesterday’s scene showed a police UTV, construction equipment on fire, and several temporary structures.

Smoke grenades of various colors could also be seen in use.

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