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Disturbing video shows handcuffed man pull gun from his pants in the back of police cruiser


Canadian police officers learned a valuable lesson about complacency after an arrested suspect produced a firearm from the back seat of a Toronto Police cruiser.

The suspect, who was arrested by officers of TPD’s 51st Division, reportedly managed to pull the sidearm from his pants while wearing handcuffs, all while seated behind two officers.

The video was circulated so many times that 51st Division Superintendent Peter Moreira released a station-wide memo to discourage officers from sharing it any further.

Moreira was too late, however, and video of the thick-bearded suspect pulling his magic trick was revealed to the world, complete with details galore- including the October 27 arrest date and the number of the patrol vehicle.

According to the Toronto Sun, the officers who shared it reportedly called it a “life-saving and learning moment” and disseminated the video in hopes of preventing future tragedies.

The incident is under investigation.

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