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Dispatcher gives difficult advice to mother during family dog’s fatal attack on infant


A North Carolina infant has died after the family pitbull attacked her, despite the mother’s best efforts to stop the dog.

1-year-old Triniti Harrell was mortally wounded by the family dog last Monday while she was playing in the front yard, after the dog latched onto the girl and refused to let go.

Calling 9-1-1, mother Miranda Harrell pleaded with dispatchers from Rocky Mount-area emergency services for advice on how to save the child.

“Hurry, she’s dying,” she said. “Please hurry.”

The dispatcher then suggested trying to use a stick to pry the dog’s mouth open before telling her to strike the dog with a pan.

“Hit him with it,” he said. “Hit him right in the center of the top of his head. If you hit him hard enough, you’ll knock him out.”

In the end, this dispatcher recommended more drastic measures, telling the mom to grab a knife from the kitchen.

“Cut him across the bottom of the neck,” he said. “It’s going to release his jaw muscles.”

However, the knife was not sharp enough, and the not enough to stop the dog.

According to the Daily Mail, an off-duty police officer arrived at the scene and shot the dog twice, fatally ending the dog’s attack.

Young Triniti was taken to the hospital, but died despite the best efforts of doctors.

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