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Diplomat’s son rips off officer’s badge, pushes another down stairs in NYC

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Image credit: Google

The son of a diplomat forcibly removed the badge of a police officer while shoving a second down a flight of stairs during an argument in the Bronx.

According to the New York Daily News, 26-year-old Antonio dos Santos attacked the police officers in the stairwell of an apartment Saturday night after getting into an argument with an old roommate.

Dos Santos disobeyed the officer’s’ commands to vacate the building, as well as resisting arrest after he refused to comply.

In the scuffle, Dos Santos grabbed officer Jessica Fermaint by her shirt, ripping off her badge and scratching her chest deeply enough to incur bleeding. Not satisfied with his current predicament, he then pushed Fermaint’s partner -identified as Coyle- down a fourth floor stairwell, fracturing his leg in 17 places.

When taken into custody, Dos Santos wrote “go f*** yourself” eighty times in a police statement.

Dos Santos was arraigned Sunday night, charged with felony assault, trespassing and harassment. The judge described him as a diplomat who made $5,000 a week, confusing him for his father- defense attorneys later corrected the paper, citing that Dos Santos’ father is the diplomat and that the 26-year-old is a musician from Los Angeles.

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