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“I Didn’t Do It:” Bangor PD releases list of top verbal pet peeves for police officers


As we all know, bad jokes get tiresome after a while and the famous Bangor Police Department in Maine wants you to know about the ones they (and other officers) hear repeatedly, every day.

“You do not need to tell us ’I didn’t do it,’” a Facebook post written by the police department read. “We probably don’t think that you did do it. We probably don’t know what “it” is. We assume most people we run into during the average day didn’t do it, and neither did their friends.”

The list gave about six examples of what police have grown weary of, including claiming you “didn’t do it,” threatening your kids with arrest and telling the police you aren’t drunk.

Bangor has a population of around 33,039 inside city limits -a relatively small area by city standards- and is home to an Air National Guard base and international airport.

According to their Facebook post, the Bangor Police Department wants the public to know “ that we are not suspicious of everyone we run into. We are not. Sometimes we are walking through public settings because we were called there for a problem. Sometimes we are there for other reasons. We enjoy talking to all kinds of folks. Please don’t assume we assume that you are bad person, a criminal, a fugitive from justice, or that you are a bad driver. We are just like you. True story.”

The post was wildly popular, accruing 1,282 shares and 8,600+ reactions.

At the end of the day, the police claim, “We will be here. All we have is each other.”

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