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Detectives discuss details, shock of finding woman chained to shipping container on serial killer’s property


More gruesome and bizarre details are emerging in the case of a former realtor in South Carolina who’s now a suspect in at least seven murders.

Detective Bradley Whitfield, of the Anderson City Police Department, told ABC News: “I was shocked and amazed.” He helped rescue a woman, Kala Brown, who’d been missing for two months.

Before Whitfield and his partner, Det. Charlynn Ezell, discovered Brown, they say they heard “banging” coming from a locked shipping container on the 100-acre property in Spartanburg. Brown had been kidnapped and chained up.

“She just looked at me and said thank you so much for finding me,” Detective Ezell said. Brown’s boyfriend, Charles Carver, was found dead on the suspect’s property. His body was buried in a shallow grave there.  Police say a cell phone ping from Brown’s phone led to the search at the property initially.

The detectives discussed some of the details from that day, but not everything has been made available to the public. Det. Ezell said some of the things they saw were “so shocking.”

“I think we all saw a lot of things that day that are going to stay with us,” Detective Whitfield said in tears.

Police said in earlier reports that a key part of their investigation involved product reviews on Amazon the killer may have posted. They say 45-year-old Todd Kohlhepp may have used some of those products he purchased through Amazon while carrying out his crimes.

Kohlhepp allegedly confessed to multiple murders at a motorsports shop back in 2003. Three bodies in total have been found on his property so far, including a couple in their 20’s who went missing in 2015.

“It could be anybody’s child, anybody’s wife or husband,” Whitfield said crying. “I wish we could have done more,” he added.

ABC reported that Kholhepp managed many rental properties in the area and had the spare key to many people’s homes.


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