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Despite horrific tragedy in Las Vegas, two ignorant Kansas City Chiefs players sit for the National Anthem

Kansas City Chiefs defensive backs Kenneth Acker (L), and Marcus Peters, (R), sit for the National Anthem while flags flew at half mast following the worst mass shooting in modern American History.

Following the worst mass shooting on American soil in modern history, where first responders and citizens of all races and backgrounds came together to help their fellow man, two Kansas City Chiefs players were seen sitting for the National Anthem Monday night, further driving a divide into a hurting nation desperately looking for reasons to come together.

As a country, we’ve always been able to come together during times of crisis. Aside from a few politicians trying to advance their political agendas, the nation as a whole came together in mourning and solidarity of cause today – and put aside our differences.

All except for two incredibly ignorant Kansas City Chiefs players that few have ever heard of to begin with.

Chiefs’ defensive back No 22 Marcus Peters who got burned for a touchdown on the opening drive of the football game (if that’s not karma, I don’t know what is) – and fellow defensive back No 25 Kenneth Acker (never heard of her) sat during what could have been a unifying, healing moment for the entire country.

Instead, they chose division. Division that infuriates about half the country, especially given the tragedy that occurred last night. Who knows what will happen, but as of this publication, the heavily favored Chiefs trail the Washington Redskins – all of whom stood for the Anthem – 10-0.

No one isn’t saying there isn’t freedom of speech in America.  But there’s a time and a place to protest misconceived notions about police brutality, and tonight, at a football game during the Anthem, was not one of them.

In fact, it was just revealed that complaints of police brutality by NFL player Michael Bennett were proven false by the release of several body camera and surveillance videos by the same police department that had to confront the last night’s shooter in Las Vegas.


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  1. NOTHING that they think they are protesting is an excuse for sitting during the presentation of our flag and National Anthem the night of a national disaster! The anthem, in a stadium full of people, symbolically expresses as a group, our empathy, sadness, and prayers for our fellow countrymen who are DEVASTATED tonight!!! It fills the space where there just are not words. Everyone in that stadium was united in a moment of silence followed by the anthem, for the victims and first responders of all races and backgrounds! By sitting on their brains all they did was show that they lack empathy, intelligence, and any ability to temporarily put aside their own personal agenda to think of others in immediate pain and suffering. “ME” “ME” “ME” Those men just lost ALL credibility. I’m furious.

  2. Their message is one of lies and division. They just want attention and unfortunately they get it. But most of the attention just looks at them as disguosting worthless POS.

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