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Deputy tries to help drunk Florida man hit by car, he tells deputy to tase him instead


A bloodied and drunken cyclist tried to summon the courage to fight a Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy, only his attempt to do so end with a taser.

According to WFLA, Sgt. Richard Jones found Bradley Allen laying on the side of the road. It appeared as if Allen had just been struck by a car.

As Sgt. Jones tries to talk to Allen, Allen walks away and then becomes confrontational as Sgt. Jones tells him that he’s here to help.

Allen eventually walks away, lays on the ground, and tries to fake cry to lure the deputy in.

Sgt. Jones doesn’t buy into it and continues to communicate with dispatch.

Allen then listens to orders by putting his hands behind his back but refused to go to the ground all the way. He then counts to three and throws his hands in the air.  That’s when Sgt. Jones does deploy his taser and brings Allen to the ground.

Allen then surrenders, is handcuffed, and taken away after being looked at by EMS.

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