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Deputy prays with speeding driver and ill mom instead of writing ticket


A young woman, RaeAnn Kuykendall, was speeding to make an oncologist appointment for her mother when she was pulled over for going 45 in a 35. The deputy who pulled her over is receiving a lot of praise for the way he handled the situation.

According to WUSA9, Deputy Matthew Brakeman climbed out of his car and walked up to the driver.

“Driver was not happy to be stopped. So I spoke to her for a moment,” said Brakeman. “I asked where they were headed. And she said to the oncologist. She then started to become a little bit emotional.”

He learned about the mother’s cancer and that they were on their way to a difficult doctor’s appointment. He went back to his patrol car but when he went back to the car he did something unexpected.

Brakeman explained, “And then [I] walked back up to the passenger side and asked her mother if she would accept a prayer. And she said, “Absolutely.” So then we prayed and told them to have a good day and went back to my car.”

Afterwards Raeann wrote a heartfelt thank you on the department’s Facebook page.

Image credit: Facebook.
Image credit: Facebook.

Deputy Brakeman didn’t do this for any thanks though. His own mother died of cancer. “I lost my mom to cancer, and I know the feeling,” he said.

“There’s a letter of the law and there’s the spirit of the law. These particular folks, I don’t think they were violating the spirit of the law, they were violating the letter…I think they needed some love, and we all do.”

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