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Deputy performing welfare check shot multiple times with shotgun in Georgia


A Georgia man accused of shooting a Troup County deputy was taken into custody last night following a six-hour standoff.

28-year-old Matthew Edmondson was hunted down by law enforcement after he allegedly shot TCSO Deputy Michael Hockett multiple times with a shotgun, causing wounds to the deputy’s face, arm and waist. During the incident, Hockett returned fire.

Hockett reportedly went to Edmonson’s home to check on him after the suspect’s family reported that he had suffered a psychotic episode.

“When the deputy arrived, he exited his vehicle to go around a fence toward the house and heard what he described as a banging sound,” Troup County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sergeant Stewart Smith reported.

Hockett was reportedly ambushed by Edmonson when the deputy went to investigate the noise. Wounded, Hockett fell back and returned fire as Edmonson tried to run the lawman over.

“The deputy then retreated, at which time the individual got into a truck and began driving toward the deputy,” Smith said. The suspect then got out of the car, fired shots at the deputy and the two exchanged gunfire, Smith said.

During the exchange, Edmonson suffered a shoulder wound. Hockett was taken to a hospital after reinforcements arrived and will soon be assessed for counseling.

Following pleading from authorities, friends and family members, urged Edmonson to surrender during a standoff that included federal, state and local law enforcement. After a few hours, the suspect surrendered peacefully.

According to AJC, the suspect was found with a long gun and a handgun, although the exact owners of the weapons are not known at this time. Law enforcement had checked on the man before, but had never been attacked until now.


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  1. Thank God that this Deputy was wearing his vest and survived this ambush. Deputy Hockett displayed outstanding professionalism and showed himself to be a hero and able to stand his ground and fight back even after being seriously wounded. I would partner with him anytime! May he quickly recover and be back on his job quickly. Very proud of him.
    As for the suspect, I am not sure that he was of sound mind and he may be innocent by reason of insanity in which case he needs to be incarcerated in a mental institution until he I no longer a threat to himself or others. I also believe that folks like this should have to face criminal charges once they are back to being normal and released from the mental hospital.


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