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Deputy pays for 10-day hotel stay, clothes and shoes for Ohio family sleeping in jail lobby


When Tierra Gray missed her rent payment recently, she and her two young sons were evicted from their apartment. She could have been sleeping in the streets, but luckily for the mother, a Butler County Sheriff’s deputy stepped in to help out.

Gray says after bouncing around from friends to family to church members’ homes, she and her children turned to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office for help.

With only the clothes on their backs, the family was given blankets and told they could stay in the lobby overnight, according to local news reports.

Gray says the next morning, she was approached by Deputy Brian Bussell. She told WCPO, “I’m thinking he’s going to say, ‘You guys can’t be here any longer… You have to find something else.’”


But instead Bussell arranged a 10-day hotel stay for Gray and her children as she looked for a new place to live. He also helped arrange for new clothes and shoes for the boys, and got them some food as well.

Despite her dire situation, Gray took to Facebook to talk about how there is still so much good left in the world, and to show people—who rarely get to see these random acts of kindness—that police officers should have everyone’s support.

The following is Gray’s full, unedited Facebook post telling the story in her own words:

“You know How good God is. God has blessed us this week and I don’t know what I would have done. This officer, officer Brian Bussel from butler county sheriff’s department, has truly blessed me and my family. We are homeless and Saturday night we slept inside the Butler County jail lobby with the clothes we had on our back and no where else to go. Officer Holly got us blankets and I watched my kids sleep. When morning came Officer Brian Bussel brought me and my boys in his office and arranged for us to be placed in a hotel for 10 days and took us out to get all new clothes. God is so good!! No one sees the good in our officers now days because everyone is judging all officers for what a few does and isn’t that the same thing each culture goes and been through by others for centuries? This world won’t be here long because “WE” as humans, will destroy it. God bless you all!!! “Blessed one another and Do something today that will set you on a better path tomorrow.”

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