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Deputy, Marine vet, says “departments no longer want cops like him” in resignation video


A deputy sheriff in Virginia walked away from police work- and gave the reason why on his last shift.

Deputy Aaron Taylor of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office was ‘code three’ when he began his video, heading to the last serious call of his career.

A K-9 officer, Taylor explained that he would be leaving the force to work full-time on his side business, training, boarding and importing dogs suited for K-9 use.

Stating he had no grudges against his agency, Taylor said his reasons for leaving were more personal.

“I love this department,” he said. “My heart and soul is in this department.”

A Marine veteran, Taylor spent six years in the service before putting in his 14.5 years in law enforcement.

However, things aren’t the same anymore, and he felt it was time to go.

Taylor found himself in hot water while working in the Narcotics unit in 2010, but was later vindicated. Still, he realized it is important to have a plan.

“I’m glad that stuff happened,” he said. “It happened for a reason because it showed me you need an exit plan. You need a Plan B.”

“Truth is- departments no longer want cops like me,” he said in the video description. “The climate is different. Real cops are liabilities. Fighting crime on the street isn’t pretty. The pay still sucks, internal politics are harder and harder to avoid, and lawsuits come quickly! I have seen good cops, great men destroyed by this profession for doing nothing more than being ‘good cops.’”

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  1. Thank you my Brother, we have a lot in common we both say it like it is. I wish you the best of luck with your retirement. I recently retired after 33 years, everyday is a Saturday!!!!

    God Bless and stay strong,


  2. Damn, there goes my brother. I can 1000% relate to every word that he said. Wow… our careers paralleled each other. You young guys… hear this man speak. You don’t understand it now but one day you will and when you do, think about where this officer is mentally, when he recorded this video. You may face a day when you realize that it is time to go and IF you do, listen to your gut. It will not steer you wrong. For the sake and safety of those around you, yourself and your loved ones, always follow your gut in a situation like this.

    Semper Fi, my brother.

  3. It is human nature to, at first, get into a profession to “help people” and then, once there, realize that nobody else in that profession is helping people and that everyone else in that profession is getting away with as much as they can as often as they can and just waiting for that glorious, glorious day when they can get a state retirement and suck at the taxpayers teat for doing nothing while at the same time brag about how they “served their community” and expect people to still thank them for their service.

  4. where would we all be without police men and women…firefighters…and our military? also teachers…these people are irreplaceable …. what is this world coming to? politicians suck…the rich get richer..the poor get poorer..and we middle class pay for it all…good luck in your retirement aaron..God Bless


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