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Deputy gunned down in Baton Rouge attacks not getting help from insurance company or department

Deputy Nick Tullier

A Deputy from East Baton Rouge who was shot in the head during a deadly police ambush last summer-and survived- is still fighting to recover, and his family is paying a steep price.

Kiran Chawla of WAFB reminded people on Thursday of Nick Tullier, a name once uttered across TV screens across the nation when he and other East Baton Rouge deputies were engaged by ‘black seperatist’ and domestic terrorist Gavin Eugene Long, who shot Tullier in the stomach, shoulder, and head with his Israeli-made Tavor rifle. 3 deputies were murdered that day and 3 others wounded by Long.

Deputy Nick Tullier

However, while Long is now long dead and the crime scene just another part of the American landscape, the battle Tullier faces on a day-to-day basis is far greater than the firefight he miraculously survived- despite initial assessments that claimed he would not live.

Now in Texas, Tullier is fully aware of what is going on around him. Short of assisted movements and the ability to -with great strain- say “hello,” Tullier is a man who faces what most would consider a living Hell- a fully conscious man whose active brain is desperately trying to get the rest of his body to follow commands, simple functions that the average person takes for granted.

With him every step of the way are his parents, James & Mary Tullier, and his fiancee, Danielle Mcnicoll, who refuse to give up on their lawman. The Tulliers retired from their jobs and Mcnicoll is only apart from her man when she needs medical care of her own.

Yet somehow, the family is seemingly doing this alone. Every day, they are called by bill collectors, turned down for medications Tullier needs and are constantly given headaches by the insurance company that takes care of the EBRSO.

“Nick didn’t ask to be shot July 17th, 2016. He was supposed to be on vacation, but was told he had to work or be suspended,” the parents wrote. “So many told us of how sorry they were he was shot and anything and everything would be done to help Nick with survival and his future.”

Since that fateful day, the family has been fighting for Tullier, who cannot fight for himself. In doing so, they are demanding answers from their loved one’s former employers.

Someone tell me who’s in charge. Someone tell me what position Lynn McDermott ‘truly’ fills,” the family wrote. “Someone tell me who to contact with Healthscope Insurance (the Sheriff’s medical plan) directly. Someone tell me who with the Sheriff’s Dept is actually, truly, fighting for Nick that has the power to get something done and solved. I ask that to know who to include in correspondence.”

In response to their constant hardship, friends of the family have set up a crowdfunding page, which has raised a mere 34% of its $100,000 goal.

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