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Deputies cleared of all charges in shooting of Nashville firefighter

Credit: WKRN.
Credit: WKRN.

Three Cheatham County deputies are cleared of charges in an officer-involved shooting that wounded a Nashville firefighter in January.

News Channel 5 reports District Attorney Ray Crouch, Jr. said the deputies acted with a justifiable use of force against Charles Holland, 44.

Officials with the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the update Wednesday morning. The incident happened in January near Ashland City.

Deputies initially responded to reports of someone trying to run drivers off the road. After taking the victims’ reports, officers, one the way to the suspect Doug Barr’s home, encountered Holland standing in the road, waving a weapon.

News Channel 5 reports Holland then moved, and a deputy commanded him to show his hands.

Officials said Holland’s movements appeared to be threatening, and the three deputies fired, striking Holland twice.

Reports confirmed Holland did not fire his weapon.

The Cheatham County Grand Jury convened and evidence was presented, including a video of the shooting.

It was determined the deputies’ actions were justified. No criminal charges were filed against officials or Holland.

Holland’s attorney released a statement saying, “Mr. Holland has reviewed the Cheatham County District Attorney’s Office Press release and been notified of the Cheatham County Grand Jury’s decision regarding its investigation.  At all times during this incident, Mr. Holland was acting to protect the women who were being aggressively pursued and attacked by Doug Barr.  Despite reports of Mr. Holland consuming alcoholic beverages in his own home, Mr. Holland was not in any way impaired or intoxicated during these events; instead he deliberately and with clarity of mind chose to intervene in the dangerous domestic violence situation unfolding in front of his home.  Every act Mr. Holland took was designed to rescue and protect the women who were being attacked.  At no point did Mr. Holland threaten or act aggressively towards any police officer.”

News Channel 5 reports Barr was charged with two counts of aggravated assault. His case has been scheduled for a hearing on April 19.


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