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Departments in Illinois to test Bolawrap restraint devices


Police in Illinois are testing a bolas-style ballistically-launched restraint device, designed to restrain people without resorting to deadly force.

Known as the “Bolawrap,” the device is essentially a less-lethal projectile variant of a boleadora, which has been used to restrain animals (and sometimes people) since before recorded history. Also, if you watched the Batman animated series as a kid, you’d probably recognize the device as one of the Caped Crusader’s favorite ways to bring down the bad guys.

Taking an old idea and giving it a new twist, the Las Vegas-based company known as (Wrap Technologies) made a launchable variant of the boleadora, which has an effective range of approximately 25 feet.

The product (which is the size of a TV remote) is designed to reduce use of force incidents on suspects and the mentally ill by rendering them immobile without jeopardizing the officer. The launcher is reusable and costs $800, with replacement cartridges costing about $30 each.

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said the initial impressions on the device were good.

“But there are some times where we are dealing with subjects who are going to resist arrest, and so we have to move into that force continuum. And this is an appropriate tool,” Ziman told Fox News.

The device is already in use with several California police agencies.

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