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Department in Colorado deploys GPS tracking ‘sticky darts’

Image credit: Fox 31/StarChase.
Image credit: Fox 31/StarChase.

Colorado police in the town of Arvada are leading the way in their state when it comes to mitigating the risks involved with high speed chases- by utilizing a GPS “sticky dart.”

The StarChase darts use real-time GPS tracking when fired, and upon sticking to a suspect’s vehicle, can provide constant updates to allow officers to track the vehicle.

“The main objective of having something like this is to keep our officers safe and to keep our community safe,” Arvada police spokeswoman Jill McGranahan said.

At the cost of $5,000 per vehicle, the system isn’t cheap- but according to the ALCU, it isn’t a violation of Constitutional protections when used properly.

“[Darts] would seem to be permissible if, of course, [police officers] had probable cause to believe there’s been a crime committed.” Denver criminal defense attorney Kimberly Diego said.

After the initial investment, the cost drops to about $1,000 per vehicle, though it is still a drain on resources.

Arvada’s officers have been using the darts for about nine months, with an 85% success rate that will likely improve as officers get more comfortable with the system.

According to KDVR, agencies in over 30 states have been utilizing the equipment (many for half a decade), with Arvada being the first in Colorado to do so.

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