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DeKalb fire captain fired after false claims against officer during traffic stop


The DeKalb County fire chief did the right thing in a case where two fire department employees falsely accused a Stone Mountain cop of being unprofessional during a traffic stop.

Fire Chief Darnell Fullum told Fox 5 News that he had the same reaction to their investigative report that everyone else did. He was shocked and surprised at the accusations being leveled against the police officer who clearly did nothing wrong, based on the video from his body camera.

Following an internal investigation into the May 2015 incident , the fire chief has terminated Fire and Rescue Capt. Terrell Davis, who was behind the wheel that day and accepted the resignation of Krystal Cathcart, who initially made the wild accusations.

Cathcart claimed that Sgt. Stephen Floyd, created a ‘sense of fear’ at the scene that day. She gave a sworn statement saying the officer “cussed her out” and was acting “hostile” and that she was traumatized by all of it. Captain Davis backed up her written complaint saying Sgt. Floyd was “unprofessional, belligerent and disrespectful.”

All the while the two fire employees were dropping names and asking the officer if they should call his chief or Dr. Alexander, referring to the DeKalb County Public Safety director.

The police officer was not fazed by any of it – he went on with his duties and continued to write up a ticket for the expired tag on the car.

An attorney for the two fire employees says that his clients regret their exaggerated statements about Sgt. Floyd. Following the incident and after watching the video back, Cathcart changed her story and said she “recanted the error of Sgt. Floyd using profanity.” She and Davis were found to be “less than truthful” in their recorded statements and it was clear that they’d filed a false report — which is a crime.

However, their attorney says the two stand by their claim that they felt threatened at the scene.

Capt. Davis -a veteran of the fire department- is appealing the firing, while Chief Fullum says he will give the results of his investigation to the DeKalb DA’s office to determine if any laws were broken.

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