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DEA agents lied about ownership of scandalous New Jersey strip club


Two former DEA employees are under scrutiny after it was discovered that they lied about being part-owners of a seedy New Jersey strip club.

According to ABC News, disgraced former agents David Polos and Glen Glovers are under fire from prosecutors who are appealing to Manhattan courts to decide whether or not the duo should be punished.

US Attorney Martin Bell claimed that partial ownership of the South Hackensack strip club -where evidence of marijuana usage and possible prostitution was found- belonged to the two agents, something the two men did not disclose on security clearance forms when asked to do so.

52-year-old Polo has access to some of the highest government secrets, particularly concerning Silk Road, a deep-web communications ring that netted nearly $8 million a month in drug sales.

While defense attorneys claim negligence and even innocent lack of admission in the case, Bell says that the omission was no simple error.

“This was not an ordinary workplace,” Bell said, pausing for effect. “This was a strip club! Not the sort of work where at the end of the day, oops, you just forget.”

Polos and Glover both pleaded not guilty and are fighting the government’s charges. Polos has retired and Glover has been suspended without pay.

Glover’s defense attorney Cathy Fleming said the pair operated the club lawfully as owners, not employees.

Bell said Polos also hid his affair with an illegal Brazilian stripper despite being required to notify the DEA of close contact with foreigners. However, defense lawyers insist the relationship took place after the background check.


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