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Dashcam video shows shocking moment after OIS


Dramatic dashcam video shows a shootout between a Wisconsin police officer and 28-year-old Deandre Wise. But it’s what happened after the shootout that has police asking for the public’s help.

A test drive turned terrifying in Glendale, Wisconsin August 1, after the suspect jumps into the back of a Porsche, seemingly to test the leg room, pulls out a rifle and tells the salesman to ‘get out.’

Brazenly, Wise takes off with the vehicle after the salesman jumps out of the car. Shortly after hearing reports from dispatch about the stolen car, a Glendale officer spotted Wise on the highway and a high- speed chase ensued.

The chase came to a crashing halt at Columbia Park in Milwaukee, according to Fox6 News. The officer starts to chase the suspect on foot – the Dash Cam from his squad capturing the intense moments as he runs around the corner of a building and shots are fired. While the officer chases the suspect, his cellphone can be seen falling out of his pocket in the video.

In the midst of all this chaos, a young girl is seen in the video at first running away from the gunfire. She then circles back to the same spot, just yards away from where the wounded officer waits for help, lying on the ground, bleeding. Shockingly, she picks up the phone, puts in her pocket, then leaves.

The officer suffered an injury to his forehead after being grazed by a bullet. The suspect was hit in the thigh.  Wise told police he had previously applied for a job at the car dealership and says he was going to sell the stolen Porsche, so he could support his kid.

Wise is charged with armed robbery, fleeing an officer, attempted first degree intentional homicide, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Glendale Police are now asking for the public’s help in tracking down the person who stole the officer’s phone.

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