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Dash camera video released of officer’s bold actions that saved young boy’s life


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Dash camera video has been released of an officer saving a 12-year-old boy’s life who had apparently taken 2 large knives from a Dollar Tree store and was threatening to kill himself.

In the dramatic video the officer can be seen sneaking up behind the boy and grabbing his arms, each of which was holding the knives.

“I wasn’t sure what his intentions were, if he was going to hurt himself or hurt me or try to hurt another innocent bystander,” officer Brandon Judd said, according to News4SanAntonio.

“We didn’t communicate at all,” Judd said. “We all knew what was going on. They knew what I was doing. I knew what they were doing without actually saying a word.”

“I’m going against our training,” Judd said. “I knew I’d be able to overpower the kid if I could get close enough.” He moved in and grabbed the boy’s wrists to get him to drop the knives. “I didn’t think too much about it until it was all over with,” Judd said. “Once I walked away I was shaking and I couldn’t believe what just happened and how well everything turned out,” News4SanAntonio reported.

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