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Dash cam video vindicates officers after woman's racial profiling claims


A woman claims that she was harassed by police officers while walking in her neighborhood in Corinth, Texas because she was black.

Dorothy Bland, dean of the School of Journalism at the University of North Texas, wrote an article in the Dallas Morning News describing her encounter with the police officers.

In the article, Bland said she was on a routine Saturday morning walk in her neighborhood when she saw flashing lights and heard sirens from a police vehicle. She wrote, “knowing that the police officers are typically armed with guns and are a lot bigger than my 5 feet, 4 inches, I had no interest in my life’s story playing out like Trayvon Martin’s death.”

She continued with divisive statements like, “I guess I was simply a brown face in an affluent neighborhood.”

Bland said she stopped and asked the officers if there was a problem, but she didn’t get a “decent answer” before one of the officers asked her where she lived and if she had any identification.

According to Bland, she feared for her safety and posted pictures of the officers on Facebook in case anything happened to her.

After reading Bland’s article, Corinth Police Chief Debra Walthall issued a rebuttal and released the dash cam video from the stop.

In her statement, Walthall explained that Bland was impeding traffic while she was exercising, and a pickup truck that was behind her had to come to a complete stop to avoid hitting her. The officers that stopped Bland witnessed the truck almost hitting her, and pulled up behind her.

Walthall said the officers told Bland about the truck that was behind her, which she didn’t hear because she had her earphones on, and advised her that she would be safer walking against traffic because she will be able to jump out of the way of a car if necessary.

Walthall also said she was surprised by Bland’s comments because the interaction she had with the officers was very brief and cordial.

According to America’s Freedom Fighters, the tape backs up Walthall’s comments and shows a friendly exchange between Bland and the officers.

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  1. Of course it was blown out of proportion. She’s the dean of the School of Journalism. Nothing like bending the truth to make up a story.

  2. Apparently,everything that involves white cops and black citizens is now “racial hate stops” Even when the cops are looking out for someones safety and well-being. This country is going to hell, because of all the racist blacks!!!

    • I would have bought the “We’re worried about your safety’ reason for the stop, UNTIL the rookie officer ran her name for warrants. The bogus (safety) story was just an excuse to give them probable cause to run a computer check on a black person. And no, I’m not black.

      • You don’t know anything about law enforcement at all. Anytime a cops stops you for any reason they have to run you. It is their job. My entire family is law enforcement and they would have all done the same. It is routine. Quit race baiting.

      • That is BS they ran her because she is out in public with no identification of any type not because she is black, white or purple. It also puts a foot print on this stop on the computer. I don’t know about the rest of you but I would not think of leaving the house with out I.D. If you did I would want them to check you out if you were in my neighborhood.

      • I totally agree with Rick, stopping someone under the pretext of concern for her safety is definitely plausible, but why would she have to give her name and dob. I don’t understand that. She was doing nothing wrong except showing poor judgement on which side of the street she walked on. I’m not so sure it was a racial thing, but I know I would feel slighted and somewhat threatened if I were asked my name and dob.. why did they feel the need to do an identity check, is this commom protocol when speaking with a police officer. I am a white female and I still would feel that way.

        • She was impeding the flow of traffic which is a traffic violation. They could have cited or arrested her for it. They obtained her name and dob for identification purposes. Routine business right there.

    • You are an idiot. All the atrocities committed in this country by slave owners, white hate groups such as hanging, beatings, bombings, castrations, forced sterilizations and other white caused atrocities was just made up I guess. Now that minorities are dealing out what has already been dealt out for centuries they are causing the world to go to hell? HAHA HAHA that is the most preposterous think I have ever heard an idiot say.

      • I pray to God that all people that have love and hope in their hearts come together to stomp out this race baiting nonsense in our country. It is time to deal with the stragglers that continue to hate but, we have to be honest and realize it is on both sides of the races. We have to get past this now. 620k lives were lost in a civil war in this country so that slavery would end. That was a huge loss of mostly white lives to end that disgusting system. I would suggest that this is the only country that has opened the paths to equality and freedom for blacks than anywhere else in the world. Let’s not forget that and become Americans again just Americans with out all the qualifiers on there!!

  3. It’s because we have people like that in our education system that our country remains divided and racially separated. With that type of attitude, people like her will certainly keep racial relations negative.

  4. Wow are things getting out of hand. I’m sorry, but comparing this incident to a death, kind of puts a stamp on her credibility ! Without previously knowing all the details, I feel they were just doing their jobs. Think about it. They witnessed a “person” in dark clothing, with a hoodie, waving their arms, impede traffic by causing a vehicle to almost stop to get passed. (Remember, I said without previously knowing the details). They followed her for a short time and witnessed the same actions mentioned. They approached her, were polite, and did what most rational people would want done if this happened in their neighborhood. I don’t see where they were able to see who this individual was until she turned around. After we know all the details like, she was waving her arms for exercise & she had earbuds of some type that caused her not to be completely aware of her surroundings, it starts to make more sense. As far as asking for ID, then checking on the information she “told” them, that is and should be normal procedure if someone cannot produce any form of ID. I realize she was in her own neighborhood, but again, not being able to confirm that until checking. Example after example can be made of this same thing leading to finding that someone is lying to hide who they actually are. Usually to hide criminal issues. And advising her they were concerned for her safety may have been exactly why. Who knows besides them? That’s a judgment call. I too would have been surprised & even annoyed if this happened to me, but to go public, request the officers pictures, and make up a story as lopsided as she did, is exactly why there is so much unrest out there today! ( video is pretty strong evidence)
    I feel this is where you ask yourself, who is really “profiling”!!!
    Yes I am white. I know many black people ( or whatever is politically correct) and most are fantastic people, but there are some jerks. This would be the truth about any White, Hispanic, Italian, and all the rest of the people I’ve dealt with throughout my life. I thank the law enforcement people for their service!! “All lives matter”.

  5. I thought it was a mentally ill person at first walking down the street. Having an argument and talking to themselves. But I don’t understand why she didn’t get a ticket for J walking and impeding traffic. Maybe its because she was black that they didn’t give her one.


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