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Dash cam shows two men fight, one dragged down a highway during road-rage incident


An 18-year-old was violently attacked during a road rage incident in Georgia, a harrowing event that could have ended his life

The young man, who asked only to be identified as Dalton, was crawling through rush-hour traffic in Gwinnett County on June 6th when he suddenly came under attack by another motorist.

“I honestly don’t know what set it off,” Dalton said. “He gets out of his car, comes and punches me in the face. I kick him in the face with my boot out the window.”

The suspect, identified as Emmitt Grubbs, reportedly took Dalton’s keys and went back to his vehicle. When Dalton followed, Grubbs put the young man into a headlock and threatened to kill him.

“When he started dragging me, I was holding on to the car because I knew as soon as he let go, I would just fall right off,” Dalton told KALB. He added that Grubbs was driving in excess of 40 MPH as hs dragged him.

“He let go, and he took his hand and he shoved me out of the car,” he said.

Looking back, Dalton is lucky to be alive and has learned his lesson about confronting enraged drivers.

“I would just call 911. But being in that moment with the adrenaline going and he had my property, that’s the only thing I thought about getting back,” he said.

Grubbs is facing several charges and has a criminal history related to road rage.

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