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Dash cam shows man argue with, attack officer before being shot during traffic stop


The Lawrence Police Department has released a dash cam video showing a motorist attack an officer who was attempting to place him under arrest. As the suspect pinned the officer to the ground, another officer shot the suspect in the back.

The incident happened in May of 2018.

According to the Lawrence Journal-World, the officer pulled over the man for a seatbelt violation. He was hostile to the officer from the very beginning.

The man was verbally abusive to the officer – cussing him out and demanding to see a ‘manager’ despite complaining about how he would be late to work.

When the man refused to cooperate the officer called for backup.

The officer then asked the man to step out of the vehicle. When he refused the officer began to forcibly remove him from it. A struggled ensued and then the man began throwing punches at the officer as they spilled out into the street.

Once the man was on top of the officer, still punching him, the backup officer fired one bullet into his back.

The officer was a rookie and reportedly had thought she had pulled her taser out.

The man was wounded, but did survive.

The officer who fired her weapon has resigned from the department and could face aggravated battery charges, which a judge is deciding on right now.

The man, on the other hand, is facing battery against an officer charges but is also suing the department saying he was wrongly pulled over because he was black.

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  1. She said, “Shit! I shot him!”
    She obviously drew her weapon incorrectly with her finger on the trigger if she didn’t mean to shoot him. She’ll catch hell for that during the trial.

  2. One can request all they want on a traffic stop (i.e. looking at radar, another officer, supervisor), but that does not mean they are going to get it. There are no laws that require officers to bring anything or anyone to their traffic stop.


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