Home News Dash cam released: Suspects on meth fight deputies after car chase

Dash cam released: Suspects on meth fight deputies after car chase


A pair of suspected meth users face a number of charges after they lead Nye County Sheriff’s deputies on a 40-minute car chase and then kicked and fought with the deputies after they pulled over at a gas station.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, during a routine traffic stop the deputy found that Raen Haynes-Thacker had a warrant out for her arrest. When the deputy tried to remove the woman from the car she kicked him and the driver, Alexander Reilley, sped off.

The chase lasted about 40-minutes before stopping at a gas station.

Deputies quickly moved in to pull the suspects out of the car.

Reilley of them took wild swings at the deputies before he was wrestled down and put into a patrol car, while Haynes-Thacker sat on the ground.

Reilley could be seen in the video smashing his head against the glass and even cracked it.

When deputies went to arrest Haynes-Thacker she then got up and kicked and threw a punch at the deputy before she was taken down and arrested.

Deputies found a meth pipe and handgun inside the vehicle.

They face multiple charges including battery on a peace officer and drug possession.

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