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Dash cam released of drunk New York Judge getting tased after resisting arrest during traffic stop


Dash cam video has been released of an impaired New York state judge refusing to exit his vehicle during a DUI traffic stop, leading to him being tased and arrested.

Police responded to a call about an erratic driver on the Saw Mill River Parkway around midnight and caught up with the vehicle after it exited the highway.

The driver was Bedford Town Justice Erik Jacobsen, 54. According to authorities, he had slurred speech and smelled of alcohol.

When officers asked Jacobsen to step out of the car, he refused and a struggle ensued. After a warning, officers eventually tased Jacobsen and removed him from the vehicle. He continued to resist arrest until one of the officers delivered multiple compliance strikes, after which, he finally submitted.

Eric Jacobsen.
Jacobsen has since been removed from office.

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  1. Non-Leo here.

    That officer was **patient** as heck with that man. It sounded like a legit stop (I didn’t see the red light part he mentioned), the officer was polite, and when told to comply he became combative.

    This was a good bust.

    • I think the word combative is used way too frequently. A combative person would be fighting. He was non-compliant, but far from combative. I support police, but the only combative behavior was from the officers taking, then punching him in the face. I used to do loss prevention, and while much different from police work, our whole job was to place thieves in cuffs till the police got there. And I assure you, had we needed to punch someone to get it done, my store would have closed do to the law suits.

      • I agree with EVERYTHING U SAID as I did loss prevention as well for many years as well as a class 1 police officer. The judge wasn’t combative at all. Combative is fighting. Not complying As much as I would love to stand by the blue line I just can’t not this time. Tasing him was one thing but punching him in the face then pushing his head in the street REALLY?? What would he have done if this man was really combative n verbally abusive?? Man was old enough to be his father. Being a police officer takes patience n sometimes a lot of them. Stopping drunk DRIVERS n Drivers using a controlled dangerous substance while operating a MV is all part of the job. Exactly when patience are needed most. Not everyone is cut out for this job. I know a guy who got his kids in b4 retiring🤦‍♀️ I can only feel sorry for the entire department n the ones who’ve been waiting a long time for an opening. Like I said not everyone is cut out for this job. What’s even more sad is the writing on the side of a lot of police cars that has gotten totally lost in the process “ Protect & Serve” 🥺😢

      • Apples and oranges what you did compared to what we in law enforcement do. Whether we respond using force or verbal techniques the course of action is predicated upon the acts of the suspect. The officers here appeared to use reasonable force based on the actions of the suspect. Age has little to do in this case as the suspect was not frail or feeble. I am 64 years old and still a full time peace officer doing patrol work since 1973, I would be a handful for anyone should a physical altercation arise. Opinions are like rectums as everybody has one. I believe these officers were measured and reasonable in their actions.

        • Funny you should mention rectum in your opinionated, biased reply. I dont give a good goddamn who you are or what you do for a living, punching that old dude without provocation was weak minded of the officer. Really is telling when certain individuals feel a little stress or pressure and their lack of control becomes blaringly apparent. I knew as soon as i saw the sucker punching officer march around the mercedes from his body language he was in bully mode and was just waiting for him to assault the defendant. You sir, are a rectum. You are probably just like this asshole who thinks they are just a little better than all the vermin who are not ” peace officers”. If you cant handle the job…dont friggin be ON the job. You work for us, and many, many or you seem to have forgotten that if you ever believed it in the first place.

  2. Are you kidding me? Not even a credit or link to Real World Police? Shame on you! BRB gotta let them know about this. This is so messed up.

  3. Those strike were compliance strikes and are used by officers to force then to adhere to their commands…….They work and are legai and fought in their training!
    The syop was very professional and the officers used the amount of force necessar6to subdur the subject……CASE CLOSED!


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