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Dash cam footage shows woman ejected from vehicle during police chase


Footage of a wild police chase has been released out of South Carolina, depicting Florence County Sheriff’s Deputies on a wild chase with a woman attempting to flee from a traffic stop.

22-year-old Brittany Nicole Jeffords was carrying a passenger in her SUV when she was stopped in a parking lot for a traffic violation.

While the passenger was detained and placed in the back of the filming squad car, Jeffords took off, leading deputies on a wild chase in paved and off-road conditions, including tearing through a trailer park and an amusement ride storage facility.

Trading paint with the deputies several times during her attempt to flee, Jeffords executed drastic maneuvers, all to the verbal protest of the detained passenger in the back of the pursuing squad car.

“Stop it!” he could be hear pleading in a panicked voice as Jeffords slowed down during the chase. “Please don’t leave.”

Later in the pursuit, the deputy in the filming vehicle smartly executed a pit maneuver, causing the SUV to roll over and eject Jeffords onto the road.

“Oh my God, man!” the passenger shrieked.

Jeffords’ body could be seen twitching as her head rested against the pavement. Despite the impact, Jeffords survived and was transported to a nearby hospital.

According to WBRC, Jeffords appeared in court on Tuesday for charges of two counts of failure to appear, driving under suspension and failure to stop for a police vehicle. She is being held on a $3,650 bond.

In addition to being a single mother and a police-evader, a records search revealed that Jeffords is somewhat of a “bad girl,” with a criminal history spanning as far back as 2013, when she was arrested for driving without a license. Other noteworthy offenses since then include prostitution, careless operation of a vehicle, public disorderly conduct, armed robbery and criminal conspiracy, to name only a few.


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  1. This young lady was mishandled by law enforcement after she was ejected from the vehicle. You never ever forcefully move a body like that officer did . She may have had 1 or more of many conditions to be very careful with her. You dont grab her up and attempt to hand cuff her behind her back. Emergency Health people should be the ones to get he properly placed on a gurney and transported the proper way without taking a chance in injuring her more than she was already.

    It is obvious this young lady needs help and serious counseling she is in a bad way and needs some help. I dont agree with what she did but we all make mistakes. maybe not of this magnitude but we do all make mistakes. I believe and I might be wrong but I think she may have an addiction problem as well as possibly hanging around the wrong crowd. Facebook shows Brittany Nicole Jeffords as a very beautiful young lady. From 2016 – 2018 you can clearly see her decline in appearance and health. She has been arrested for multiple crimes in the recent years including prostitution and armed robbery. These are crimes you would expect out of someone with an addiction problem. Someone who is very desperate. look at her facebook pictures then have a look at her mug shots you will see what I see. The hand of our heavenly Father saved her life.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this

    Sincerely B/R Mike


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