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Dallas PD chief calls out millennials as cause of officer shortage, considers changing requirements, eliminating some disqualifications


Dallas PD is having trouble filling their ranks – and they’re blaming millennials for the shortage of willing recruits.

DPD Chief Renee Hall claims that long hours, missed holidays, weekend work and slower-than-expected promotion rates are keeping many younger people -who are often in their twenties to late thirties now- from wanting to join up.

“We have nights, weekends and holidays — not attractive to millennials who want all days off and to be the chief in six months,” Chief Hall said. “We recognize that is a challenge.”

Combine that with the fact that millennials are switching careers every five years and that DPD pay is lower than surrounding cities, Dallas is struggling to hire the 250 additional officers they need to combat rising crime rates.

The chief is also considering getting rid of some of the automatic disqualifications, like past drug use for candidates, according to Fox News.

While Dallas is still clinging to an archaic tattoo policy that, while it allows officers to wear long sleeves, is unattractive to a largely-tattooed millennial and Global War on Terror veteran candidate pool, especially given the hot weather Texas is known for.

To try and get more candidates in the mix, Chief Hall plans on giving recruiters around 4-6 days off for every successful hire-graduate and lowering the entry age to 19 1/2.

Whatever the plan, Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata knows something has to happen- and soon.

“Crime is still rising,” said Mata. “We have to do what we can to bring those numbers down.”

According to FOX4, DPD doesn’t even allow Dallas-resident officers to take their patrol cars home, though this may change in an attempt to retain officers.

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  1. If they would accept OPOTA maybe they would get more candidates. Officers here in Ohio do not want to have to go through another grueling academy once they have already been through one.

  2. You are wrong by saying that it’s the State because I came from another state and was able to get my Texas Peace Officer from the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement. So you need to check out what your talking about for it’s Dallas PD wanting a Officer to go through their academy

  3. Maybe she should examine the total atmosphere involving law enforcement and the negative stereotypes perpetrated by the media. Maybe she needs to stand up and say, enough is enough. My former department had a strict tattoo policy that lasted about a year before it was reversed. I personally don’t understand the whole tattoo thing (I don’t have any) but to penalize someone for having them, if they are not blatantly offensive, is offensive in itself. Perhaps she should explain the benefits of the job: service to community, camaraderie, pension benefits, and free meals just kidding). Lowering standards is NEVER a good idea. That is how you hire idiots who abuse power. Just sayin’.


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