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Dallas Councilwoman calls in shocking complaint about police officer


He was simply stopping to help an elderly man with some house chores in his front yard… but apparently no good deed goes unpunished.

Jason Stringer says he was “appalled” when finding out what happened after an officer extended a helping hand to his 90-year old grandfather who was trying to trim some trees outside his Oak Cliff home.

According to NBCDFW, District 4 Dallas City Councilwoman Carolyn King Arnold called the police department on behalf of one of her constituents.

That constituent- a neighbor of the elderly man- apparently called to complain that an officer was out trimming trees while he was supposed to be on-duty.

“An officer showing he cares that much about going out and helping the community,” said Stringer. “If anything I think he should get a commendation.”

When a local reporter approached Arnold at an event to ask about the incident she responded: “I don’t know about complaining or anything and the bottom line is this: any time a call goes in from a constituent it has to be relevant to an issue that they’ve called, and my thing is in order for us to fight crime we’ve all got to make sure that we do our part as neighbors.”

After following that up with an even more confusing response, the councilwoman walked away refusing to answer any more questions.

Meantime, Dallas police say they will not file any formal complaints against the officer over the incident.

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  1. An LEO’s job is to deal with the community as a whole. Whether it be for home invasion, DUI stops or in this case helping out the people who live in their area. Stop with all the whining you self centered bitch!!!! This is what happens when you put people in positions were they think they are privileged.