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Crowd laughs at, mocks thieves who lock themselves in cell phone store during robbery


Two robbers in New Jersey narrowly escaped with their freedom after holding up a Boost Mobile store- but not before becoming a humiliating spectacle to passersby.

According to NBC New York,  a pair of armed men entered a Patterson Boost Mobile location and held up manager Tomy Torrez.

Knowing his limitations, Torrez complied with the criminals.

“I say, check the walls and take whatever you want,” Torrez told NBC 4 New York. “So when they were busy I start running to the back.”

Torrez then took advantage of the situation, running out the back door and securing all the safety barriers that enclose the establishment after hours.

Surveillance footage shows the robbers panic when the gates slam down on the store.

“Get us outta here!” one shouted as they were mocked from behind glass, like animals at a zoo exhibit.

“I can’t let you outta there!” an incredulous woman yells back at the robber from across the glass and metal gate.

Torrez called the police several times, though the emergency center did not dispatch officers until it became clear to them that the suspects were armed.

While dispatchers were incorrectly triaging the calls, the robbers found the master set of keys. Curiously, they handed them to the crowd, who handed them to Torrez instead of letting two armed men out.

However, the bad guys found a toolbox, unbolting the bars to escape.

Finally, Torrez got 911’s attention after around five calls.

“I said, ‘We got a robbery inside, they got a gun,'” Torrez said.

Patterson PD says internal affairs will be investigating in an attempt to retrain 911 operators.

The suspects remain at large.


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  1. Lol even after 911 call still couldn’t they get these bad guys arrested. Was it because some of these boys refuse to arrest these savage thieves or what’s going on with the 911 dispatchers? Sound so fishy!

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