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Crowd cheers on police for enforcing jaywalking laws, officer even takes a bow at end of wild event


YouTube video

A police officer tasked with enforcing pedestrian and traffic laws in an undisclosed American town inadvertently initiated an impromptu night of entertainment, drawing a cheering crowd, an announcer and even a guy in a banana suit.

The video was posted yesterday by YouTube user “Nug Saad” and shows a police officer enforcing traffic and jaywalking laws in his cruiser at a 4-way intersection.

After a while, the officer’s enthusiasm caught the attention of the townsfolk and -as with just about anything in America- it quickly became a spectator sport.

“This town is literally going crazy,” the video’s inlay caption read. “This officer has been pulling over people at this light for the past 45 minutes.”

Soon, the officer’s actions were being given the “play-by-play” treatment by a professional-sounding announcer, whose voice boomed across the neighborhood via an impressive speaker setup.

“Nine pull-overs today,” the announcer said from an apartment building. “We’re coming up on the record set by Colin Kaepernick back in 2014, when he knelt for the National Anthem.”

The announcer began creating PSAs and reading off “weird laws” of the locality, including the trivia fact that “the sale of corn liquor is illegal.”

Soon, the tune of “Bad Boys” by the Inner Circle began filling the air and a man in a banana suit began to warm up at the intersection crosswalk. Upon the initiation of the “WALK” signal, the banana man made a dash over the line, reaching the other side before the crosswalk timer reached its end.

With his shift potentially nearing its end or simply seeing his opportunity to ham it up, the officer exited his vehicle and took a bow, all to the cheers of the locals.

Due to the low resolution of the video and lack of information, it is difficult to determine where the incident took place. However, one thing is for certain: everyone who was there is probably still talking about it.

The video has over 62,765 views since Tuesday afternoon, a number that is steadily climbing.

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