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Crowd ambushes NYPD during arrest, officer put in a headlock by assailant


A hot summer night in New York City turned wild for a pair of NYPD officers attempting to make an arrest, with all of it caught on a now-viral video.

According to the NY Post, the two officers were attempting to write a summons on a double-parked car when a man and his friends became combative with the officers. The officers began to place two men under arrest, with one man resisting and an angry mob soon surrounding and taunting the officers.

At one point a man tried to pull one of the officers off of the suspect. That officer then launched himself headfirst into that assailant. That man then put the officer in a headlock for roughly four seconds, all while the crowd cheered and mocked the officer.

The NYPD SBA used the video to point out that officers will not be able to use the same maneuver used on that officer if a new bill gets signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The “headlocker” is a known gang member that’s been arrested 11 times.

He was brought into custody, though his attorney is arguing that the officer made the first move and that his client was only defending himself.

He has been released, but no charges have been made.

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