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CPD union condemns disrespect for police, calls on ‘silent majority’ to speak out in support of police

Credit: Fraternal Order of Police: Chicago Lodge No. 7 Facebook page.
Credit: Fraternal Order of Police: Chicago Lodge No. 7 Facebook page.

During a fiery speech this week before the Chicago City Club, Dean Angelo Sr., President of the local Fraternal Order of Police, said the level of disrespect toward officers in this anti-police culture we live in, is something he’s never seen before.

Dean C. Angelo, Sr.
Dean C. Angelo, Sr.

Angelo has spent more than three decades with the Chicago Police Dept and earned a doctorate degree from Loyola University. The son of a retired detective, Angelo helped over 2,000 officers earn college degrees.

He recalled during the luncheon address on Tuesday, that in 1975 he said to his dad, “Who wants to be a cop,” when the elder Angelo “dragged him out of bed ” to go take the test.

Now in possibly one of the biggest challenges of his career, the head of the Chicago police union is attempting to change the perception people have of police. He’s calling on the silent majority to be more vocal and to tell the media the untold story that “We’re human… we’re just like everybody else.”

Blaming the “Ferguson effect” for this “deafening silence” in support of police – Angelo says people out and about with their cell phones are “hoping for a payday” when they have confrontations with officers.

He also said he “can’t wait” for Chicago Police to release raw video of police wearing bodycams to show what officers face, routinely being called “every name in the book” in an attempt at provocation –dnainfo.com reported.

The city of Chicago is dealing with an unprecedented number of murders, which could hit 700 for this year alone. Angelo says a vast majority of the city’s homicides, and drug and gun arrests take place in areas of high unemployment.

“People need to work,” he said. “You can’t police your way out of it, but you look to the police to handle it.”

On Tuesday, it was announced that Chicago police will be “tweaking” its overtime policy.

“Officers will be encouraged to work overtime shifts in their regularly assigned districts as a way to give us more productivity and promote more community engagement,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Angelo speaks of the difficult road ahead, especially with negotiating the next police contract, but with 13,000 cases of assault on officers over an eight-year period – it seems his main focus now is to try and turn the tide.

“We are more than tired of being considered by some to be second-class citizens and not worthy of the same protections under the law guaranteed to any other citizen,” Angelo wrote in a letter posted on the union’s Facebook page.

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